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I’m a simple man. Don’t mistake that for unintelligent, that’s something that people who want to believe they are sophisticated and better than others try and do and quite frankly, I enjoy making them look stupid.

This site, and those like it, love presenting themselves as specialists in glamour nude art, erotic art and all kinds of names including the word art. Everything really to distance themselves from being associated with porn because is dirty, it’s sleazy and gawd forbid what these people do is sophisticated, it’s hard.

That is at least how they want to be perceived because that way their target market, the pretentious twats who absolutely must pair their wines with their meals can act as if they are appreciating art, in-keeping with their sophistication while they are actually just perving out on porn in the same way as the rest of us do, and what they also do behind closed doors but will never admit.

It is not the fault of the site and I am not running them down, in fact this site is brilliant in my opinion, but it is porn, softcore porn I concede, but porn nonetheless.

So¬†get an 80% off discount to Metart X and enjoy some of the most beautiful porn you’ll ever see.

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