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Yeah I’d like to make a formal complaint to the creator… of man that is. In this case girl. How am I supposed to resist? And then she adds a little lip bit just just to drive it home all the way, as if that tidy body in those thigh highs wasn’t enough to drive a man entirely wild.

It’s no wonder MILFs get their claws out so often when it comes to teens. If it wasn’t for the edge that MILFs have with experience in the sacek, which is a really big deal by the way, they would have stood no chance against teens.

This site, ALS Scan, apparently refers to All Ladies Shaven or something to that effect at least. If I have it right I still don’t know what the Scan part refers to but I might just be about to find out because after finding this pic I also found this discount for 73% off ALS Scan.

Yeah, that is a massive saving to say the least and makes it more than worth the few pennies it costs to become a member and gain access to a ton of exclusive content.

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